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How NGOs can benefit from technology to improve processes

September 01, 2019

Technology has revolutionized the processes in all types of industries including supply chain, finance, manufacturing, retail etc. Likewise, it has also brought a positive impact on the NGO sector.

Why is the use of Cloud VPN service important to secure internet traffic on mobile computers

August 18, 2019

How does your system administrator engage in remote monitoring? Do your employees connect to your business systems? Have you ever thought about the security aspect of such practices?

What is the risk of visiting websites without a Digital Certificate (HTTPS)?

July 18, 2019

Do you use a digital certificate for your website? Well, you should because it is one of the most fundamental security measures for the security of any website.

What are Cookies? What are they used for?

July 01, 2019

Do you know about computer cookies? Cookies are a technology which is daily used in our internet browsing. The understanding of cookies is important for users because their misuse can be costly.

The importance for a NGO to have it provider as a Technology Partner

June 15, 2019

IT technologies facilitate businesses to add impetus to their innovation agendas. For an NGO, the addition of technology can assist them to operate more efficiently and enhance their processes.

Risks of using Public WiFi

June 01, 2019

Do you often connect to public WiFi in your favorite coffee shop? Is connecting your mobile to a public WiFi one of your first actions in a shopping mall?

Hacker attacks via abuse of trusted applications

May 18, 2019

The Canadian government has been worried about the increasing hacker attacks or cyberattacks.

Why you need to think of a business continuity strategy today

May 01, 2019

Most people do not make up a long term plan when starting a business. But when you have a company, you must have plans to tackle the inevitable and unprecedented disasters that might strike.

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