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Who is Oscar Diaz and why are all the police forces and businesses in Canada talking about him?

We are leaders in the IT industry. We specialize in paying police forces, law firms, and NGOs unique technological attention focused on their needs and requirements

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Our CEO and founder Oscar Diaz has been serving Calgary businesses for over 11 years, specializing in helping Canadian police forces, law firms, and NGOs with all their IT needs. Oscar and his team have helped over 35 small businesses to integrate technology to maximize growth and opportunity and protect them from online threats.

Police forces must submit requirements every two years to comply with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police IT policies called NCACR, and constantly struggle with that. We help them to be up to date on the requirements and all their IT needs. We are the only company in western Canada that dedicates itself to this.

Cybersecurity is a priority to us and should be to every business. Small businesses don’t fully understand why they have to be careful about cyber risks and think that they won’t be affected because they are small. This is a big mistake. We make SMB owners aware of this and our services affordable to them.

We take it a step further at Tecbound. While other companies want to make businesses dependent to generate income from them, “I want my clients to be able to switch to another company without a major problem in addition to their hands-on experience working with IT business owners”, says Oscar who runs a phenomenally successful and profitable services business. Unlike many consultants he can speak from real-world experience in IT services mastering a niche, building a dream team of colleagues, and creating a loyal and reliable client base.

Oscar Diaz Has Been Featured On 580+ Publications Including​

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Tecbound Technology proactively assists companies in this major IT upheaval by providing comprehensive and tailored solutions that are effectively secured for the cloud environment. We have been facilitating cloud technology for our customers since 2011, when the cloud was in Its infancy.

Now we incorporate cybersecurity into our IT offering in a way that guarantees our customers full transparency. All customers unfamiliar with cybersecurity can fully rely on us with a full security stack behind the scenes to protect the network and Its users. We strive to understand every new customer’s business, requirements, current and future goals. Based on that knowledge the company formulates an IT strategy that supports the needs of every client with cybersecurity in mind.

The immense value of the services that we offer at Tecbound was demonstrated when we helped Canadian police forces to comply with the regulatory framework necessary for their operation. The police services plagued by outdated IT practices and an outdated approach to cybersecurity asked us for support. We assessed their plans and requirements and prepared a strategy to help them achieve their goals and enable them to acquire the certificate of compliance.

With its extensive experience and track record the clients of Tecbound Technology can rest assured that all their IT needs and top cybersecurity concerns are covered.

The mission of Tecbound Technology is to build a community of success minded entrepreneurs that inspires excellence, encourages collaboration, and expands the capacity of all members to achieve great things.

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Oscar has authored three amazing books, including ‘Cybersecurity – The Game Has Changed,’ focused on Law Enforcement Agencies, ‘IT Advisor,’ and the Amazon Best Seller ‘On Thin Ice.’ These books aim at today’s business owners, CEOs and Law Enforcement Chiefs, providing valuable insights into the most effective cybersecurity solutions for fortifying your company assets.

Within these books, you will discover:

– Why it’s no longer a matter of whether small businesses like yours will suffer a cyberattack, but when.
– critical steps you must take now to protect yourself from a data breach that could cost you massive money, time, and, quite possibly, your business.
– How to prevent today’s fastest-growing and most feared cyberattack, RANSOMWARE, from blackmailing you out of tens of thousands of dollars.
– How to ensure that your employees don’t accidentally or deliberately invite cybercriminals into your network.
– How to protect your identity from theft and keep data safe on the cloud,
– How to streamline the NCACR submission process (For Canadian Police Forces).
– And much more.

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