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Custom Software and Website Development

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For clients who need to automate processes, integrate systems, create web applications or require any other type of software development, Tecbound has a skilled team of experts to handle the job. We create custom made software that addresses needs specific to our clients’ particular industries and provides the management, testing, QA, documentation, hosting and support for all the software we devise. For projects that span a year or longer, we offer the Tecbound Software Factory – providing clients with an entire development team, a project manager, and a testing and QA team who are all 100% dedicated to the job until it’s completed.

When you sign up for Tecbound Technology’s professional software development services, you’ll find:  

  • Tailored Software: We are capable of determining which is the right solution for your organization depending on your size, business area and budget.

  • Early wins: We know that the rapid delivery of your requirements is an essential factor for your business. That is why we use conventional methodologies with agile frameworks to be able to make short-term and continuous deliveries to achieve tangible quick wins and visible results

  • Multidisciplinary Team: We have a 360 team to manage different types of requirements, from just analysis to total implementation. In our team, we have architects and specialists on a variety of technologies from Microsoft to open source.

  • Affordable fees: – We will customize our services to exactly what you need.

  • Quality Assurance: Our leaders and QA team verify all our deliveries to assure that your requirements were achieved with the quality required to go-live.

  • Post-production companion: We do not leave you alone after the go-live. We guarantee all our developments against programming malfunctions for a limited time after that we offer software production support and maintenance in case you require to guaranty your operations.

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