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iPhone Update Includes COVID-19 Contact Tracing And Mask Detection

May 29, 2020

Some months ago, Apple and Google announced a partnership that saw the two tech giants collaborating on a number of projects related to the pandemic. This new feature is an outgrowth of that partnership. It enables a contract tracing API that health

Hackers Are Demanding Extra Ransomware Payments From Victims

May 26, 2020

A ransomware family has begun employing the tactic of not only demanding payment to unlock infected systems but also demanding additional payment.

Preview Now Available For Microsoft’s New Family Safety App

May 26, 2020

Family safety features have been a part of the Windows 10 experience since its release, and those tools were made available on the Xbox in tandem with the release of Windows 10. You may, in fact, already be using them on your home computer and your X

Google Meet Now is a Video Conferencing Tool For All Users

May 21, 2020

Google made the decision to make Meet free to anyone with an email address.

Facebook’s AI Might Be Able To Find Offensive Memes

May 21, 2020

Facebook recently released an intriguing research paper called "The Hateful Memes Challenge: Detecting Hate Speech in Multimodal Memes."

Xiaomi Phones Track Your Data When Using Their Browser

May 19, 2020

According to research conducted by Forbes, the Mi Browser that comes built into the phone sends your internet searches to Xiaomi servers located in both Russia and Singapore.

Emails Saying Your Antivirus Is Expired Are Likely A Scam

May 19, 2020

BleepingComputer sounded the alarm after being made aware of a scammy email campaign that uses deceptive marketing to try and convince people to buy their product.

Use These 4 Tips To Successfully Manage Remote Teams

May 18, 2020

The Harvard Business Review explains in an article the best way for managers to drive team performance is by focusing on reducing affinity distance.

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