New Phishing Attack Uses Unique Method To Avoid Security

November 24, 2020

Hackers are interested in building a fake landing and login page designed to spoof some other company, they have to get it exactly right.

Update Adobe Acrobat Reader To Patch Security Issue

November 24, 2020

Recently, the company released a major patch that addresses a total of fourteen different security flaws, with ten of the fourteen being rated as either critical or important.

Some Businesses Are Dangerously Avoiding Critical IT Security Updates

November 24, 2020

According to research conducted by Bitdefender, a staggering 64 percent of unpatched vulnerabilities discovered on corporate networks in 2020 involve bugs that date back to 2018 and before.

Toy Company Mattel Was Latest Victim Of Ransomware Attack

November 18, 2020

On July 28th, 2020, the company's network was successfully breached and a strain of ransomware deployed against them, which encrypted some of the company's files and caused disruptions in the firm's ongoing operations.

Cyber Attack Found At Gaming Company Capcom

November 18, 2020

According to a recent disclosure, Capcom is the latest company to fall victim to a nasty ransomware attack.

For Security, Windows 10 Update Removes Adobe Flash Player

November 18, 2020

It's time to say goodbye to Adobe Flash. This update will help get you to that point. Kudos to Microsoft for making all our lives just a tiny bit easier.

Notification To Update Microsoft Word Could Be Hidden Malware

November 18, 2020

Emotet is now using a different email template. This time, it's masquerading as Microsoft sending out an email telling you that you need to update your copy of Microsoft Word to gain access to an exciting new feature.

Beware at the gas station

November 16, 2020

If you use a credit card at the gas pump, you increase your risk of having your credit card information stolen.

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