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Employees Keeping Your Data Safe? … Don’t Count On It

November 16, 2020

In any business, big or small, employees can be your biggest IT threat, and they might not even realize it. Businesses already face the countless cyber threat, like data breaches, cyber-attacks, online viruses and malicious e-mails.

Government Warns Increase In Cyber Attacks Targeting Hospitals

November 10, 2020

The agency Directors warned that hackers around the world are specifically targeting companies in the healthcare industry with the Ryuk ransomware strain.

Amazon Employee Responsible For User Data Breach

November 10, 2020

Recently, one or more Amazon employees disclosed customer email addresses to an unknown third party, prompting Amazon to send a notification email out to impacted customers which read as follows:

Some Popular Android Apps Found To Include Malware

November 10, 2020

Google does an admirable job of keeping its sprawling Play Store free of apps containing malware. Their verification system is world-class.

This New Ransomware Can Infect A Network In Just Minutes

November 05, 2020

Not all ransomware strains are created equally. Some are designed as slow burns that will infect a target system, expanding its reach for days, or even weeks before striking and locking your business critical files. Others are designed to hit fast

Photoshop Testing Security For Images To Prevent Theft And Deep Fakes

November 03, 2020

Deep Fakes are becoming an increasingly large problem. If you're not familiar with the term, a Deep Fake is an advanced photo or video technique in which an existing person in a video is digitally overwritten by some other person.

Mac And Android Added To GravityRAT Malware’s Targets

November 03, 2020

GravityRAT was designed primarily to check the CPU temperature of Windows-based machines, and to detect the presence of sandboxes or virtual machines so that its controllers would know what type of environment they were operating in.

WordPress Loginizer Plugin Was Automatically Updated Due To Vulnerability

November 03, 2020

The plugin in question is Loginizer, which was designed to help websites fight back against brute force attacks by blocking the login function for a given IP address once a certain threshold of login retries has been reached.

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