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If You Connect To A Public WiFi Don't Forget To Use DNS Filtering

January 25, 2022

Providing your clients with public WiFi makes a difference in your environment, being continuously connected has become a necessity for everyone, whether we are traveling, in a cafe, in a restaurant, or on public transport.

Skype Adds Zoom Feature And Additional Modern Updates

January 20, 2022

Are you a Skype user? If so be aware that Microsoft (the company that owns Skype) just added a handy new feature you may want to start taking advantage of right away.

Reduce Insider Threats by Building a Strong Security Culture

January 18, 2022

The importance of building a strong security culture to a powerful defense against cyberattacks is something that can be misunderstood and overlooked. But it’s the foundation on which a company’s security rests.

Reasons The Log4j Java Library Security Issue Is Concerning

January 13, 2022

Haven't heard of Log4j before right now? If not, you're certainly not alone but unfortunately, it's something you're likely to hear more about in the weeks ahead. It may wind up being the cause of a few headaches for you.

Increases The Risk Of Ransomware Attacks On Medical Devices

January 11, 2022

Ransomware attacks against healthcare professionals have become more common and sophisticated over the past couple of recent years. Despite the efforts to reduce the risks of attacks, they still occur frequently, severely affecting medical devices

10 Shocking Facts About Insider Risk Of A Company

January 06, 2022

Security is a team sport. But how can an organization be sure that everyone is committed to victory – or even playing for the same team?

Twitter Increasing Privacy With Stricter Picture And Media Sharing

January 03, 2022

Recently Twitter's CEO stepped down. Since then, the company has been gearing up to make some changes that many of the industry's insiders regard as long overdue.

WhatsApp Now Provides Disappearing Messages Feature To Improve Security

December 30, 2021

Whatsapp has had a tough year from a security standpoint and has suffered losses in the size of its user base as a result. To their credit, the company has been working hard to make its product more secure.

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