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Level up your NGO with an IT provider

NGOs (Non governmental organization) are an important part of any society. They assist in the social and economic development of the country where sometimes, the government struggles to pay attention. Public service activities like the construction of community and social welfare are the primary areas to tackle for NGOs. However, in today’s advanced world, it is not possible for an NGO to work alone. In fact, it requires the assistance of an IT Provider to speed up its operations.


For smaller NGOs let’s say having 5 computers, a P2P network can provide basic connectivity between the computers and allow basic printing of documents.

However, as the organization will scale upwards with more social work and issues, 5 PCs may not be enough. Instead, a client/server model may be needed where a primary server acts as the central authority for the IT processes of the NGO.

Here, an IT provider can step in and configure the NGO’s networking requirements.


While a server can power the entire operations of NGOs, it would have to toil day and night. The server’s hardware has to be installed and managed properly because, in case of a failure, downtime may bring a shutdown of the systems for an indefinite period of time.

The handling server requires the expertise of a system administrator that can supervise all the IT activities of the NGO and keep an eye on the data streams coming in and out of the server.


Often, NGOs adopt technology but they are unable to fully utilize it. For instance, many NGOs are using personal emails instead of taking advantage of a secure emailing system like Outlook. Likewise, they often use spreadsheets or data-entry software for recording and managing.

An IT provider can bring a whole new world of solutions with their presence. They can suggest you use the right ticketing system for staff management and offer similar insights to recommend the best software solutions for each of your purposes. These IT solutions are highly beneficial to provide a huge boost to the productivity of the system.


Perhaps, the biggest motivation for having an IT provider as a technology partner is to strengthen the cybersecurity of your NGO. Recently, Canada has been on the radars of cybercriminals. Several prominent municipalities have been hit by cyberattacks like ransomware strains while business owners are also on their own.

As the government authorities and police authorities are finding it hard to eliminate the threat, an NGO will ensure that your data remains protected. In case, cybercriminals get the data of your NGO, then they can exploit the data of all your staff and individuals associated with your NGO.

The ramifications are deadly, financial damages are unmanageable while reputational reparations are another set of problems.

On the other hand, an IT provider is vigilant. They ensure that all the latest anti-virus solutions are installed at your premises while they continuously patch and test your systems to convert your NGO into an impenetrable fortress.

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