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Why is the use of Cloud VPN service important to secure internet traffic on mobile computers

How does your system administrator engage in remote monitoring? Do your employees connect to your business systems? Have you ever thought about the security aspect of such practices?

What is a Cloud VPN (Virtual private network)?

Think of a cloud VPN like any other VPN. However, the difference is that it is powered by cloud-based network infrastructure.

Cloud VPNs facilitate secure connections for users from anywhere to the applications and data which are stored in the primary locations of the company. These connections are reliable and highly-available. Companies often use cloud VPNs for their mobile employees in order to ensure the protection of their resources from any cyberattack like man-in-the-middle.

What makes them a necessary addition for businesses?



Perhaps, the biggest advantage of a cloud VPN is its enhanced security. You might be surprised by how much of cyberattacks are daily ravaging businesses. However, they are not disclosed to the public because organizations often do not report them to save brand image. With a cloud VPN, organizations can facilitate their employees to avoid public networks—one of the most dangerous mediums.


Sometimes, employees are away from offices either when they are at home or are on the road. In such instances, they have to be extremely cautious to use public networks for performing company-related tasks. Such uncertainties result in a decrease of their output. With the security of a cloud VPN, employees can be confident to login from anywhere and execute their tasks without any fear, hence quickly increasing productivity.

Client’s trust

In today’s world, clients are paranoid about the usage of their data. When a company asks for their personal or financial details over the internet, the clients are uncomfortable to transmit these pieces of data over public networks. However, by introducing a cloud VPN in your company’s systems, the trust of employees in your organization can receive a major boost—when they realize how serious you are with the storage and processing of your data.


Unlike other security solutions, cloud VPNs carries an edge because of their reduced costs and expenses. Not only are they efficient, but they also do not put a dent on the wallet.

Business continuity

Sometimes, an unforeseen event like a power outage, a natural disaster like a rainstorm may put a business into the doldrums. Access to the company’s physical premises maybe blocked. In such instances, a cloud VPN can make way for highly-quality remote access in adversity. Any location or a device can be easily updated and configured on a cloud VPN so employees can complete their work from home. Hence, cloud VPN can be an excellent ally to counter downtime.

In case your employees and clients continuously engage in online communications with your company’s systems, now would be a good time to add cloud VPN in your company. Failure to do so may cost you big in the future. For more details contact Tecbound for any suggestions or recommendations.

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