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How NGOs can benefit from technology to improve processes

Technology has revolutionized the processes in all types of industries including supply chain, finance, manufacturing, retail etc. Likewise, it has also brought a positive impact on the NGO sector. Last year’s Global NGO Online Technology Report shows how these NGOs have been successfully integrating email and websites to enhance their processes.

The report explained that as the global internet systems around the world continue to receive updates, NGOs will have the ability to make good use of the internet for social change by the end of 2025. The report illustrated the following facts:

  • 71% NGOs utilize emails for sending updates to their supporters and donors.
  • 72% NGOs have their own Twitter handle.
  • 92% NGOs have their own page of Facebook.

So why has the use of technology become so critical for NGOs?

For NGOs, the mindset and perspective for using technology are entirely different as compared to normal businesses. Most profit-seeking businesses adopt them because of their primary objective to earn .i.e. increase their revenues. On the other hand, an NGO is inclined towards innovation via technology so can be quite helpful for social work.

Bigger outreach

Nowadays the digital presence has become more important than the physical one. While earlier, an NGO may have been reachable by a physical front; however, not everyone can travel to their location instantly. With the virtual word, people can easily connect and contact you by a simple search.

By having a website, a Facebook page, an Instagram profile and a Twitter handle, NGOs can become visible to their audiences. People can view their efforts on the screens of their mobile phones and volunteers are able to quickly connect. Hence, it is a win-win situation.

One such example is the reputable FB page, “Humans of New York”. The owner of the page used to be a photographer who captured photos of people along with a caption detailing their life experiences. However, soon the owner went around the global to spread awareness about the ordeals of individuals, either suffering from a disease or facing death in a war-torn country. Consequently, the page became a huge hit and it made a huge difference; more and more funds and donations poured in which went on transform the lives of numerous victims.


Earlier, newspapers or TV used to be the go-to route for NGOs to get coverage, becoming more “credible”. Times have changed. The advertising industry has flocked towards the digital realm. Your integrity can be ascertained by your online presence. When the photos and videos of your efforts reach the internet, they become visible not only to the individuals of your city but to the whole world. Hence, you would be able to generate followers, volunteers, and donations from everywhere.

Do you work in an NGO? Do you feel that your efforts are not bearing the required? Are you unable to make a “change”? Well, we have addressed and successfully solved similar issues. Contact us so we can assist you in making the best use of technology.

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