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Risks of using Public WiFi

Do you often connect to public WiFi in your favorite coffee shop? Is connecting your mobile to a public WiFi one of your first actions in a shopping mall?

Public WiFi is great—nothing beats using the internet for free! Unfortunately, the temptations to save a few bucks can result into an unforgettable nightmare. The cybersecurity defense of public networks is abysmally low, thus making them riskier than traditional networks.


Do you often engage in entering your sensitive data while using public WiFi?

One of the major issues with public WiFi networks is that data exchange on such networks is transparent. When you perform online activities on mobile or the internet while using free WiFi, the data that goes from your side is vulnerable. It is visible to any tech-savvy guy in your vicinity. So how to protect your information?

Well, one of the fundamental characteristics of secure WiFi networks is their ability to facilitate encrypted communication. Encryption refers to encipher data over a protocol where its content can only be accessed by the authorized party.

Man in the Middle

Consider the following scenario: Bob goes to a coffee shop for his early caffeine fix. While having breakfast, he initiates communication with his wife. Out of the blue, his wife asks for his credit card details to buy something; he happily complies. After getting home, Bob finds out that his wife never asked for the details. So what exactly happened here?

Perhaps, the biggest risk of using free Wi-Fi is the possibility of MITM (man in the middle attack). When other cyber threats like Trojans strike, they reveal themselves where users have the “knowledge” of their infection.

On the other hand, MITM is purely a spying threat. In MITM, communication between two users is intercepted by a third party. The third-party can listen to all the information and modify it. Often, users have no idea about the hack. MITM is considered highly dangerous, especially when using open connections. The lack of security increases its chances.

Evil Twin

Do you think every public WiFi network is credible? If you do, then you need to be more vigilant.

Another dangerous threat is the presence of an evil twin. An evil twin is a hacker that masquerades as a public WiFi. Users happily establish a connection with them, not knowing that all of their personal information is going to the server of a cybercriminal. This information can be used for blackmailing, identify theft, and other criminal activities.

Today cybercriminals have become too advanced and sophisticated in their campaigns. The only way to combat these perpetrators is to adapt the latest cybersecurity measures and educate your employees. Contact Tecbound so we can help you transform into an impenetrable fortress.


Weak security of public WiFi networks is the perfect distribution strategy for malware. There are many types of malware like ransomware, Trojans, botnets, worms, etc. Let’s take the example of ransomware. When ransomware infects a device, it locks all the data with encryption and demands ransom for recovery. Similarly, botnets transform devices into digital slaves, which work in a huge chain to perform illegal activities.

Using open WiFi networks in today’s age is highly irresponsible. Follow us on www.tecbound.com to improve your digital hygiene

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