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Reduce Insider Threats by Building a Strong Security Culture

The importance of building a strong security culture to a powerful defense against cyberattacks is something that can be misunderstood and overlooked. But it’s the foundation on which a company’s security rests. It’s also an amazing safeguard against insider risk. That’s why fostering a strong security culture is always considered a best practice for building a strong defense against cybercrime. But what does building a strong security culture actually mean, and does it really do all of that?


Why is Building a Strong Security Culture Important?

A company’s security culture is shaped by the attitude of the entire company including the C-suite and employees at every level toward cybersecurity. IBM describes security culture in its blog as “both a mindset and mode of operation”. That’s a crucial distinction. Security today is about much more than just the solutions that your client has working for them and dangers presented to tech teams. It’s equally as important that your client’s people at every level are committed to making security a priority because they understand the importance of cybersecurity in the success of their organization. An estimated 60% of organizations that fall victim to a cyberattack go out of business within a year, and no one wants to join that club.

The security culture that a business builds can be a huge factor in its success in defending against cyberattacks and minimizing insider risk by increasing that company’s cyber resilience. A report in MIT’s Sloan Management Review details how cyber resilience is impacted by employee and management behavior, and security culture is always at the root of that. One of the most critical takeaways is the importance of recognizing that security is a team sport and not just the responsibility of IT staffers. The ability of a company’s security culture to make sure that everyone is invested in maintaining crucial protections against cyberattacks is critical for that company’s defensive success.

What Are the Benefits of a Strong Security Culture?

In a strong security culture, employees are attuned to the importance of maintaining security around data and systems. Those employees are more likely to make smart choices when it comes to security, making a company’s defenses stronger and its data safer. The benefits of a strong security culture as outlined by the UK Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure include:

  • A workforce that is more likely to be engaged with, and take responsibility for, security issues.
  • Increased compliance with protective security measures.
  • Reduced risk of insider incidents.
  • Awareness of the most relevant security threats.
  • Employees are more likely to think and act in a security-conscious manner.

Source: ID Agent

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