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Oscar Diaz Release his new book “Cybersecurity - The Game has Changed” for Police Services

Canadian Police Services must complete the NCACR (Net Connection Authorization Change Request) submission every two years. It is essential for police forces to access Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) systems. With access to these systems, police agencies can perform their duties. Non-compliance can result in severe consequences such as fines and penalties.

In the book “Cybersecurity – The Game has Changed,” author Oscar Diaz provides strategies, tools, and resources to help police services comply with the requirements and overcome obstacles and frustrations. Diaz explains that his company, Tecbound Technology, is the only one in Western Canada specializing in NCACR compliance.

One of the main advantages of NCACR compliance is that it helps protect private and confidential information. Law enforcement agencies handle sensitive information, such as personal data and criminal records. Proper compliance ensures that this information is safeguarded against potential cyber threats.

Additionally, compliance can improve operational efficiency by reducing wait times and eliminating unnecessary processes. As mentioned in the book, Tecbound Technology has developed a process that reduces the time required to complete the requirements from one year to two months.

In summary, proper NCACR submission is crucial for law enforcement agencies to carry out their duties and protect sensitive information. With the right strategies and tools, this process can be streamlined and improve operational efficiency.

Interested in learning more about NCACR compliance and how it can benefit your law enforcement agency? Order your FREE copy of the Book at the following link: www.tecbound.com/cybersecurity-book/

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