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Cyberattack Recovery is Uncertain for Almost Half of Businesses

Is your organization ready to handle a cybersecurity incident that hampers your access to systems and data? It’s a likely scenario for businesses of any size. About one-third of companies worldwide have experienced a ransomware attack or breach that blocked access to their systems or data. Unfortunately, far too many organizations aren’t ready for trouble. In the Datto SMB Cybersecurity Survey for MSPs, we asked more than 2900 IT decision-makers at small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) worldwide to tell us about their readiness to handle a cyberattack recovery. What we found is that a surprisingly large number of businesses aren’t ready for trouble.

Businesses get the message that a cyberattack recovery plan is a business essential
When it comes to having a cybersecurity disaster recovery plan in place, over half of the respondents said that they have a standard recovery plan ready to go. However, some businesses still need serious help making a cyberattack recovery plan, creating opportunities for MSPs to help them be ready for trouble. That’s also a ripe opportunity for MSPs to guide clients into investing in the resources they’ll need to enact that plan, like BCDR or remote identity and access management tools.

Eight in 10 survey respondents (81%) said that their company has a recovery plan in place

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About half of SMBs face a painful cyberattack recovery

Many businesses would seriously suffer if they had to enact a recovery plan, and one disaster just might be enough to put a substantial amount of companies out of business. Just under one-fifth of respondents told us that their organization would be doomed in the event of a successful cyberattack or another damaging cybersecurity incident, and 47% said they believe recovery would be difficult.

Just under half of the survey respondents (47%) said that their companies are likely to recover from a cyberattack or cybersecurity incident, but it would be painful

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Successful disaster recovery is easier said than done
SMBs need help with disaster recovery. Often, businesses have no choice but to clear the slate and start from scratch, adding expense and complexity to an already financially damaging situation. One-fifth of respondents were forced to reinstall and reconfigure all systems from scratch to get back to work. MSPs can provide SMBs with the help that they need to improve their backup and recovery processes.

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Source: Datto

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