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Managed IT

Your network is critical to your business’s daily operations and success. The bottom line is, it just has to work. We offer comprehensive, non-stop IT support that ensures optimum network performance and guards against disruptions that cause havoc in your work day. Our talented and experienced team manages day to day desktop and server support and leverages top IT services to meet your company’s objectives.

Monitoring & Security

An essential aspect of Managed IT is making sure your network is secure. We partner with industry leaders to offer security solutions that backup and protect your data from intrusions, ransomware, malware and viruses. Rest assured, when you engage Tecbound for IT services, your company’s data is safe.

Data Backups

Data protection is not only about external threats; it’s about guarding against the possibility of internal losses too. We offer backup and recovery solutions that put clients’ minds at ease, knowing that should any data be accidentally lost, we’ve got them covered.

Strategic Planning & IT Consulting

Figuring out exactly what your business requires in the way of IT takes extensive industry knowledge and expertise. We work collaboratively with clients to devise smart, streamlined IT solutions that are personally tailored to their needs. We get to know our clients one on one, learn their business and their processes, pinpoint what their priorities are, devise customized plans for each client and implement them with confidence and efficiency.

Cloud Services

Cloud computing is the process of moving, storing and accessing data and programs via the internet rather than a computer hard drive, and it’s a process that cannot be taken lightly. There are legalities that restrict where and what information can be stored on the Cloud, and at Tecbound, we’re in the know. We carefully analyze our clients’ businesses to decide which of their services and applications should reside on the Cloud, choose the best provider for their purposes, and offer round-the-clock support and monitoring to ensure safety and efficiency when accessing Cloud data.


For clients who need to automate processes, integrate systems, create web applications or require any other type of software development, Tecbound has a skilled team of experts to the handle the job. We create custom made software that addresses needs specific to our clients’ particular industries, and provide the management, testing, QA, documentation, hosting and support for all the software we devise. For projects that span a year or longer, we offer the Tecbound Software Factory – providing clients with an entire development team, a project manager, and a testing and QA team who are all 100% dedicated to the job until it’s completed.


We conduct a thorough assessment of your current IT infrastructure and processes to identify areas in need of improvement and supplementation.


Using the information we gathered during the assessment phase, we devise a strategic plan for taking your IT infrastructure to a level in relation to your business goals.


With a solid and approved plan in place, we work collaboratively with pertinent stakeholders to get things operational and keep everyone in the loop.

Continuous Monitoring

Once everything is up and running we focus on making sure your IT infrastructure does what it should: provide reliable and secure service all day, every day.