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How NGO can benefit from technology to help more people

NGO work with noble causes and initiatives. They try their best to change the lives of so many people. However, are they using the best processes to receive optimal output?

The traditional NGO model fails because it is not designed to be sustainable. They are more emphasized to raise cash. Likewise, their budget limitations restrict them to use money effectively. As more and more social dilemmas arise around the world, NGO is unable to cater to their needs.

Thankfully, technology has been evolving at an extremely rapid rate. Highly useful tools have become available which cannot only be used by affluent enterprises but can also aid NGO of any scale to improve their processes. To understand how technology can make a change in the lives of people, let’s go through these examples.

Catholic relief services

In Western Kenya, Catholic Relief Services Cassava Initiative is a good example of the use of intelligence technology use. The program basically engaged in the distribution of laptops for monitoring the local crops of cassava to look for diseases like the Cassava Mosaic virus or the Brown Streak—a major cause of worry in the African region. The data collected from these laptops were then transmitted to a primary DB (database).

Whenever an outbreak was found out, CRS would forward the personnel to eliminate the specified crops. In exchange for these crops, food vouchers were made available for the population. Since, the implementation of this technology-based strategy, the food security of the region has strengthened by a wide margin.

Haiyan 21-21

The Belgian 12-12 Consortium has 7 members: Doctors of the World, the Belgian Redcross, Caritas International, Handicap International Belgium, Plan International Belgium, UNICEF Belgium, and Oxfam Solidarity. These humanitarian organizations took advantage of technology to come up with an extremely effective solution to raise funds. Their campaign was called Haiyan 21-21 where a website was deployed to receive donations

When you use your mouse and take your cursor to drag it along to the website’s map, you can choose any affected area and make a real change by clicking on it for rebuilding it via a donation. As the donation is processed quickly, that area converts and changes itself into a rebuilt locality. The solution was launched to address areas in the Philippines that were ravaged by Haiyan— also known by the name Super Typhoon Yolanda.

Let’s save Africa

The Norwegian Students and Academics International Assistance Fund created the “Let’s Save Africa! – Gone Wrong” campaign to explain the most widespread stereotypes faced by Africans in fundraising campaigns. The highly funny video made a point about how some philanthropic efforts in Africa go over the board and damage the dignity of the affected individuals.

If you operate a NGO, then do give us a call. We can assist you to introduce a number of technology solutions which like the above-mentioned solution can instantly generate visible results. We would love to show you our previous work with other NGO as we really are proud to use technology for the greater good.


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